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Successful individuals, like successful businesses, tend to have a clear idea of what they want to achieve. This definition of success, be it anything from being radically innovative to having a position of significant responsibility, is unlikely to be achieved without a practical strategy.

Regardless of whether you work for somebody or are self-employed, below are some coaching questions that will support you in determining a practical way forward:

  1. Imagine a time in the future when you are already successful. What do you notice about your work environment at that time?
  2. What do you notice about the people, and the kind of work you’re doing at that time?
  3. What key skills or talents of yours did you use to achieve that success?
  4. How did you leverage your network in order to become so effective?
  5. What skills did you need to develop along the way, and how did you master them?
  6. Most career paths are fraught with obstacles and set-backs. What resources did you use to help you deal with these in a constructive way?
  7. What do you notice about your work ethic that allowed you to become successful in your chosen area?
  8. Having achieved your success, what values would you say your work colleagues most appreciate about you?
  9. What steps did you take to open doors and create opportunities when you were starting off?
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